What Is Group Therapy?

For some people, participating in group therapy can be more effective than individual counseling. The opportunity to meet other people who share your struggles, along with the dynamics that a group provides, are invaluable in helping people change and grow.

Beryl currently runs two groups, both in her Jerusalem office.

Anxiety Group

Some women are overwhelmed by life, and find it very hard to manage from day to day. Others are able to function on a daily basis, but not at the level that they want to be. Anxiety might be keeping you from experiencing life in the way that you want to. That’s why Beryl has a group for women suffering from anxiety.

Loss of a Child

Losing a child, either during pregnancy or after, is a devastatingly painful experience for a woman. Often those around her don’t really understand how she is feeling, and don’t have the words to help her. Although a support group can’t take away the pain, the members of the group can be there for each other, be somebody to talk to, and understand each other like no one else can.

If you are interesting in joining either of these groups, please feel free to contact Beryl at 054-842-7736.

Benefits of Group Sessions:

Group sessions have many advantages over personal sessions. When you are part of a group, there are other women dealing with the same issues that you are. This alone lets you feel that you are not the only one struggling in this way. Group sessions provide a feeling of connection to other women, an opportunity for social interaction and friendships, a way to lessen feelings of loneliness, and the opportunity to learn from others. They are also cheaper than personal sessions.


If you are interested in joining these groups or finding out more about them, please feel free to contact Beryl.



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