Therapy is great. It is effective and helpful for people.

But, sometimes, people need more. In the work I do with clients, I will often make suggestions of things to read in between sessions. Not only do these books offer information, but, when you get the chance to read about others struggles, and, realizing you aren’t alone, your own journey becomes that much easier.

I have read and recommend the following books.

Books about Borderline Personality Disorder and those affected by it.

“I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me”

“Stop Walking on Eggshells”

“Surviving A Borderline Parent”

“Get Me Out of Here”

“Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified”


For those who may be in Codependent relationships, or, in relationships that seem like they are Codependent, I suggest the following two books.

“Codependent No More”

“The New Codependency”


A classic book that helps people find meaning in their everyday existence from someone who was able to find that meaning during the Holocaust.

“Man’s Search for Meaning”

For those women who have lost their mother, regardless of age, the following two books are quite powerful, and, have helped many women along the grieving process.

“Motherless Daughters-20th Anniversary Edition”

“Letters from Motherless Daughters”

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