I have two upcoming workshops/seminars in the Jerusalem area.

“Motherhood Olympics, Forever Competing, Does Anyone Ever Win?” Regardless of where you are in your motherhood journey, it may seem like there is always someone out there doing more, achieving more, just doing things better than you. In this seminar, I talk about how this is not the case, and, if anything, all of this competition is not helpful for anyone. No one ever wins. Certainly not the mother, or, her family. And, through all of this, learning to listen to yourself, and, figure out what you really want.

When: December 8, 2016, 1pm.

Where: AACI Professional Women’s Networking Forum.


“Let’s Talk about Marriage”A workshop for women to help themselves and their marriages” This popular workshop has been given in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Ramat Eshkol and Neve Yaakov. The topics include: self care, communication, relationship between a wife and her husband. While this workshop is not meant to be a discussion group, there will be time for public and personal questions.For married women only. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, please RSVP to beryltritel@gmail.com, or, 058-705-9454.

When: December 18, 2016, 9:30am

Where: Kaf HaChaim 11/3, Beitar

RSVP: by December 15, 2016, to beryltritel@gmail.com, or, 058-705-9454.

Fee: 20nis per person





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