What Do You Think?

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Do you care what other people think?

Even if you say that you don’t, I bet  know you do.

“How can you be so sure?” you may ask. Because, well, that’s just kinda the way people are.

If we didn’t care what other people thought, then, there wouldn’t be the cosmetics, fashion or fitness industries. Plastic surgery would be reserved for those who suffer from a terrible deformity, or, scarring or maiming from an accident. Because, almost all of the time someone wants to change something about themselves is because they saw someone else do it differently, (which for many, equals better).

Now, in may ways caring what other people think is pretty important. After all, if we didn’t care, well, our personal hygiene may suffer, our eating habits and manners would probably be out of control, and who knows what else would get thrown by the wayside.

It doesn’t sound too pretty. So, yes, in many ways caring, seeing what other people do is helpful.

But, what about the times that it isn’t?

For lots of us, being aware of what other people (seem) to do, have, enjoy, be and experience leaves many of the rest of us feeling sorely lacking. Often, quite often, I hear the following, “Well, everyone else seems to have it together.” When I challenge that assumption, and, I do mean assumption, people aren’t basing their view on any fact. Just what they see (which leads to a belief) about the other person.

It’s an important distinction. Because, one never ever knows what is going on in someone else’s inner world. We all have parts of ourselves that we let very few, if anyone ever find out about. That woman you see in the gym every morning may be struggling financially. That man who you see jog by your house everyday may be in a serious depression. That friend of yours, the one that always seems so happy/confident? She is struggling on the most basic level with her feelings of abandonment.

Now, this isn’t to say that just because someone else may have it worse, then, good for you. What I am saying is that instead of comparing yourself to what you THINK others have, do, be, look at yourself.

Are you satisfied with your life?

Are you satisfied with the people you surround yourself with?

Are you satisfied with what you fill your time and energy with?

Because ultimately, the only who needs to be satisfied is you.

If you were to look at yourself in a bubble, how would you compare yourself to yourself?

Once we take away the layers of what we believe are others expectations and the preconceived notions of what we think we should be doing, you may find out something very, very interesting.

You’re not doing so bad after all.

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