You want to feel happier and more secure.

You long for more fulfilling relationships.

You observe those around you, convinced that everyone has it under control, and you feel alone.

But the path from where you are now to where you want to be is so unclear.

It seems muddled. Hidden.

Is there even a path?


 For the past 15 years, I’ve helped women like you

Develop a clear vision of the person you want to be

Pinpoint where you’re holding yourself back from your dreams and desires

Build the courage to make deep changes

Feel happiness grow and witness relationships flourish

Learning About Yourself

Ever thought about your parenting style? Self-Esteem or Happiness?

Working Together

One on One Counseling

Discover who you truly are, what your ideal life looks like, and how you can achieve the changes you want to experience.

Skype Sessions

Don’t live nearby? Want to stay in your pj’s? Or, perhaps you can’t get out of the house for other reasons. With today’s technology distance is no longer an issue.

Journal Exchange

Don’t like to talk? You can share your thoughts on paper, and, I will respond with a thoughtful reply.

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