You are a pretty optimistic and happy person, you are able to appreciate new things, experiences, and, even disappointments. You see all these things are opportunities, which you relish.

Instead of seeing boredom as, well. . .boredom, you appreciate the down time to reconnect and discover new things about yourself. You don’t mind the boredom because you like who you are and you want to discover more.

In some ways you are like the person who scored really low, yes, happiness is a state of mind. The secret is how to tap into the happiness inside of you.

Perhaps you:

-you don’t have too many friends. What? That may sound a bit counterintuitive but, research has shown that people who have 5 close friends are more likely to be “very happy” than those who have more than five.

-your self-worth isn’t based on external events, but, rather internal traits and accomplishments. You placed first in the race? That’s nice and feels good, but, it doesn’t feel as good as the fact that you were are actually able to be in the race.

-you embrace struggle. You know that you can’t learn anything if you don’t struggle at first. Because after all, no one is born being good at everything, or, even anything.

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