Attitude is Contagious

Attitude is everything. We all know that’s true, but often our awareness is focused on the other person’s negative attitudes. I frequently have to remind myself hear clients say something along [...]


What I hear so Often

What do you think about what others think of you?   Do you care about what other people think and do?   Odds are… you do.   “How can you be so sure?” you may ask.   [...]


New Year’s Resolutions Gone Wrong

Happy New Year! Whether you welcomed the New Year at a party, in front of the TV, or, on Sunday morning when you finally got up, there’s no dispute. 2017 is here. And, where are you? New Year’s [...]



People come to therapy because they want things to be different. They feel stuck. Like they don’t know what to do with themselves. The situation they are in is hopeless. They may even feel [...]


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The Signs In Your Life

Next to the front door of my childhood home, there was a square piece of wood, lovingly, but not perfectly painted and the number 94 was hammered in with nails (those also hammered lovingly, but [...]


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Messages in a BBQ

Who doesn’t love a great BBQ? Well, vegans and vegetarians aside, a BBQ is a pretty popular way to make dinner during the warm months. My kids really, really like to BBQ. Well, actually, my [...]


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136-160-Very Happy

136-160 You are a pretty optimistic and happy person, you are able to appreciate new things, experiences, and, even disappointments. You see all these things are opportunities, which you relish. [...]