The goal of group therapy is to enable you to work through your challenges together with other women who are experiencing similar situations. Often, the most damaging piece of an emotional struggle is the feeling of isolation: “I’m the only one battling this.”

Group therapy helps you realize you’re not alone.

The group environment provides:

  • relief from the feeling of being isolated in your struggles
  • the opportunity to share, feel understood and validated
  • the ability to learn from the shared experiences of others


I facilitate the group, providing guidance and direction so that you can get the most emotional and practical benefit out of the experience.


Current groups

Loss of a Child

Losing a child, either during pregnancy or after, is a devastatingly painful experience. Often, those around you don’t really understand how you are feeling, and don’t have the words to help you. They want to help, but they don’t know how. Some avoid you altogether, because they don’t know what to say. Although a support group can’t take away the pain, the members of the group can be there for you, provide a safe environment for sharing, and understand like no one else can.


Life can be overwhelming at times. For some women, however, the overwhelm makes it very hard to function – either practically or emotionally. If anxiety is keeping you from managing the day-to-day or from having the life experience you long for, come join our group. You’ll gain emotional support and understanding from other women with similar challenges, as well as practical coping tools.


Depression is like sinking into quicksand – and feeling so drained that you can’t even struggle to get out. If you’re trying to cope with depression, whether post-partum depression or any other type, this group is for you. You’ll find a supportive environment with other women who can relate to the sadness, the despair, the lack of energy and the effort it takes to do anything. You’ll gain practical tools for coping with depression – and, above all, you will no longer feel alone in your struggles.


Looking for a group environment?

Therapy groups are currently held in Jerusalem. Click here if you are interested in joining a group.


Online therapy groups are in the process of formation. Please click here, to join a group.

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