I worry about everything. I am always scared that something bad is going to happen, or at the very least, things won’t go the way I want. I really feel paralyzed.

Nothing can change. I’m stuck. Nothing ever changes. I have dreams and goals, but, why try for them? Things always go back to blah.

No one goes to therapy. I’m not crazy. I don’t know anyone who is in therapy. Everyone else has their life together. Besides, I don’t want someone telling me there is something wrong with me.

I feel sad. I don’t even know what it means to be happy anymore.

No one knows the real me. Everyone thinks I am happy, but inside I am sad and alone. Sometimes I feel like I am dying.

My spouse doesn’t understand me. But then again, I don’t think I understand myself. So how can I connect with my spouse?

My kids don’t listen. I don’t know how to be an effective parent. I wish I didn’t yell so much. I wish I had more patience. I just wish I knew what I was doing.

I feel stuck. I keep doing the same things over and over again and not getting anywhere. I hate the way I handle all kinds of different things in my life. But I don’t know how to act any differently. Besides, even if I did, I don’t have the courage to change anything anyway.

I don’t see a reason to get out of bed. Nothing ever changes for me. I have nothing to look forward to.

Why can’t I enjoy what I have? I know things aren’t as bad as they seem. I just can’t get past the fact that everyone else has such a great life, why not me? I know that Facebook and Twitter aren’t real life, but it sure feels like it. 

I am so alone. No one in the entire world understands me. I have no one to talk to.

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, or, these questions really strike a cord within you, then you are probably aware of how these struggles have negatively impacted your life.

Now, imagine if you were able to resolve some of these issues? How would your life be different? What could you be accomplishing that you aren’t right now?

Take the first step of talking to someone, and you will already be on the way to living your life on your terms.


How Do I Know If I Should Come For Therapy?

If you are not sure if you could benefit from therapy, take the time to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you feel stuck? If you are trying to make changes in your life, but things don’t seem to be going anywhere; then perhaps you would benefit from the help of a trained therapist to support you on your journey to begin making the changes you want.

How can therapy help me? We all want our lives to be fulfilling and happy. Sometimes, due to our past, or our concerns about the future, these dreams of fulfillment and happiness seem unreachable. By talking with a competent therapist, you can explore the barriers that keep you from getting what you want, and learn new tools to help you face future challenges more effectively.

What if there is something really wrong with me? Everyone struggles in life. No one has everything easy. People can feel upset, confused or sad over previous experiences, or, current situations. That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. Rather, you are human. Seeking help from a trained professional is a sign of strength.

I am nervous about talking to someone about all these private things. It is completely understandable to be nervous about coming to talk to someone about personal issues. My focus is to create a safe environment where you can talk about your personal struggles and how you would like to move forward. While this can sometimes be painful, or even embarrassing, you can rest assured that I listen without judgment and with an open mind and heart. Sometimes, you have to dig deeper into yourself to find the answers that you seek, but the effort is worth it.

Does all this sound familiar? It doesn’t have to stay this way. Take That First Step, and Make an Appointment Today. Click Here to Hear More About my Counseling Services.

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