Meet Beryl

Who am I?

I’m Beryl Tritel. For the past 15 years, I’ve helped women to understand and appreciate themselves, make significant changes in their lives and build feelings of self-awareness, satisfaction, and fulfillment in their lives.


My primary focus is on helping women with relationships, sexual/intimacy issues, pregnancy loss, infertility, grief, depression, anxiety, and parenting.


I’m an experienced psychologist with an LMSW, certification in EMDR and training in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and insight-oriented therapy styles.


By nature, I am a curious person. I love people, finding out what makes them do the things they do. This natural curiosity helps me to learn about your experiences and how they have shaped your thoughts, feelings, simply, your life.


I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments (in addition to my 6 kids) when clients tell me that I enabled them to find happiness, understanding and contentment in their lives.

I don’t just see this as a job. I consider it a privilege to be invited into someone’s inner world, and, I respect the trust that my clients have placed in me.

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