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Who doesn’t love a great BBQ? Well, vegans and vegetarians aside, a BBQ is a pretty popular way to make dinner during the warm months. My kids really, really like to BBQ. Well, actually, my kids really, really like to roast the marshmallows after the BBQ (or, before, if they had their way).

As the warm summer days were drawing to a close in our neighborhood, we decided that a BBQ would be a fun way to have dinner.  And, when I first announced the dinner plans, I totally thought was lucking out on such a good, simple (albeit expensive) way to feed the kids.

The kids were excited. As they imagined gooey marshmallows and underdone hamburgers, I knew that I was the lucky one as throwing together a BBQ isn’t such a big deal.

So, I had the stuff, and I was just hanging out with the kids for most of the afternoon, totally unstressed about making dinner.  

What was the big deal?  Throw some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, and voila!  Dinner.

Then, 5:15 hit, and I realized I needed to get moving.

The fire needed to be lit, the meat defrosted before being put on the grill, the pickles cut, lettuce washed.  You know, all the basic BBQ food.

So, things got hectic fast.  We had to clean up the picnic table, wipe down the chairs, all while I was getting the food cooked.  I hadn’t really thought about all of the little details involved.

Then, when dinner was over, I went into the kitchen, and I saw The Mess. 


It was a Mess.  Much more of a mess than any regular dinner makes.  Between the raw meat plates, cooked meat plates, skewers, half eaten rolls and hot dogs, it was A Big Mess.

Ironic, isn’t?  Sometimes the easiest things can leave the biggest ramifications.

And, that is what life is all about.

A smile and a hello to someone who looks lonely. Offering to help a child cross the street. Helping an elderly neighbor carry their groceries. Small and easy for you.  

Or, have you ever known someone going through a hard time? And, while this person may not be a close friend, you know they are suffering. “A call would be nice,” you think, but. . .”I don’t want to intrude. Or, I’ll do it later.” As we all know that later doesn’t always usually happen. How much greater our world would be if people took the positive actions that they contemplate?

Take a moment today to do One Small (Good) Thing.  And watch the ramifications.

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