“Finding myself in the Motherhood Olympics” Regardless of where you are in your motherhood journey, it may seem like there is always someone out there doing more, achieving more, just doing things better than you. In this seminar, I challenge this perception, and help you open your eyes to a different perspective. You’ll learn how to listen to yourself, and, figure out what you really want.

This workshop empowers you to explore your own priorities, needs, desires and values. You’ll gain tools for understanding and taking pressure off yourself. With a changed perspective, you will be begin to stop pouring energy into proving yourself to others, and instead, pour energy into building yourself.


“Behind Closed Doors: An intimate talk about marriage” Marriage can be one of the most rewarding areas of our lives – and also one of the most frustrating. This two hour workshop deals with common physical and emotional blocks that might prevent a woman from being able to maximize her relationship with the husband: self-esteem, pain during intercourse, body image, anxiety, depression and communication.

Attendees leave the workshop with new awareness of what they can do to achieve a more fulfilling and joyous connection with their spouse

Ready to upgrade the satisfaction you get out of life?

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