What are Skype Sessions? Why would I choose this option?

It can be hard to get to my office. Whether it’s because you live across the ocean, or, you have a sleeping baby, it isn’t always easy to meet in person. That is why I offer the chance to meet over Skype. With a computer and the internet, being able to have a session is easier than before.

Of course, an in person session is best. But, what if you don’t click with any of the therapists in your area? What if you work crazy hours? What if you are a therapist, and, you prefer not to see a colleague? What if you travel a lot? This type of schedule can wreak havoc on the consistency so crucial to therapy. By meeting over Skype, the sessions happen when it works for you.

How do Skype sessions work?

If you are interested in meeting over Skype, then, please contact me so we can make a time. Then, when the time comes, I will be waiting for you to call me. Then, we begin our session.

How does Payment Work?

I accept payment for these sessions either through PayPal or credit card. Payment must be made prior to our first session. I will send you an invoice after each session.

Important Points

All our sessions are confidential.

I do not share any of your personal information with third parties unless you specifically request that I do so, or you feel that you may harm yourself or someone else (which must be reported by law).

All sessions must be paid for at the end of the session, unless previous arrangements are made.

Sessions may be canceled up to 24 hours before the time for which they were scheduled.

I only accept payment for Skype sessions via PayPal or credit card.

Contact Us

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