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The other day my two year old wanted an orange.  Not only did he want the orange, but, he wanted to peel it himself (!).  So, after starting the peel for him, he stood by the garbage can, and very patiently, he peeled the entire orange.  He even took off most of the bitter white pith too.  Then, he promptly threw the orange into the garbage can, turned around, and very proudly announced, “All done!”  He came over to me, and told me again “Orange all done!”  He spent the next moment or two jumping up and down with excitement over his accomplishment, and, very seriously, he looked at me, and said, “Want to eat orange!”  When I told him it was all gone, in true two year old fashion, he promptly threw himself on the floor, and tantrummed.

How many of us do this to ourselves?  Holding the proverbial orange in our hands, after laboring to finally see the fruits of our labor (I just had to use the pun), do we throw it all away?  Working toward a goal, is a process.  There are ups and downs, steps forward and steps backward.  The true obstacles that keep us from achieving our goals come when we are on the downswing.  The diet that we swear that we are going to stay on until we lose those 20 pounds should not be abandoned after one night of gluttonous indulgence.  Trying to save money?  Don’t give up on the budget, just because you spent that extra $50 at Target.  We are all human, we make mistakes, but, true accomplishment comes from picking yourself back up again, and refocusing on your goal right away.

And, to let you in on a little secret, this is where self esteem comes in.  True self esteem comes from doing a job well done.  Setting a goal and meeting it.  Make reasonable goals, set reasonable “mini” goals for yourself along the way, so you know that you are headed in the right direction.  And, when you do conquer that urge to spend that extra $50, or eat that second (or, third) piece of cake, you’ll begin to feel the headiness of success, which is quite addictive.  Life is infinitely more satisfying when we peel our orange, and eat it too.

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